Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tool #11

Digital citizenship is a great concern for our students. There is a wealth of information on the internet and our students need to know how to use it correctly and responsibly. One of the things I would stress to my students is about copyright laws. Often times we want to take information or pictures that belong to someone else and use them as our own. This is illegal. I would want my students to know the correct way to use other's information and give credit where credit is due.
Another important aspect of good digital citizenship is being able to determine what information is valid and what is not. The internet is open and available for anyone to post anything they wish. This means that people can post things that are not true. Our students will need to start learning how to decipher valid information from non-valid information.
Lastly, our students will need to know how to stay safe while using the internet. Staying safe includes keeping imporant information private to prevent identity theft, and physical safety. Teacher students how to use technology ethically and safely should be a priority.

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