Tuesday, August 10, 2010

11 Tools Reflection

1.There were some tools that were difficult to use for me, and others were intuitive and user friendly. The one I like the most was Photostory. I think this is an easy tool to use, and it allows children to be creative and make their own product. Another tool that I really enjoyed using was the apps on the iTouch. Many of our students will already be familiar with this technology and there are a lot of different ways to use it for instructional purposes.
2. At first, I was aprehensive about these tools. I thought that they may be difficult to implement in the classroom. After playing with them I realized it just takes opening your mind and spending some time to familiarize yourself with the tools. I know personally it will be a bit of a struggle and will need time to become more comfortable with some of the tools.
3. Many of the tools gave unexpected outcomes just because I had never used them. I was surprised by the amount of different tools available to use for free.